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Sheoyki Jones  of Invest Atlanta

Sheoyki Jones of Invest Atlanta

Ms. Jones joined the Invest Atlanta Legal Division as the Senior Legal Assistant in 2015. As the Senior Legal Assistant, she contributed to the organization of the legal division by implementing new processes and the managing projects. Also, she served as the corporate event planner executing some of Invest Atlanta’s most memorable events, such as the Inaugural 2016 Small Business Awards Luncheon and City Hall Power Women Sweat Fundraising Event. Ms. Jones’ project management skills, attention to detail, determination, and innovative thinking landed her a new position in the Investment Services and Economic Development division, in 2017.
Ms. Jones’ career continued to flourish.

In 2017, Ms. Jones took the initiative to activate the Film and Entertainment target cluster for Invest Atlanta, in which there was little activity. She created a new program, 1.25M Creative Industries Loan Fund, to invest in film, music, and digital content creators. She educates the local creative talent and companies on the resources available to keep them sustainable. Ms. Jones’ main focus is to identify and create opportunities to invest, retain and grow the local creatives within the City of Atlanta. Her tenacity in this role landed her a new created position to Invest Atlanta, Program Manager of Creative Industries.

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